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Time to Shop!

Ways to Shop!


Join our FiveStar Rewards program (click here!)  and earn 1 point for every $10.00 you buy from or sell to us! PLUS we'll give you 1 bonus point every time you bring your own reusable bag!

Redeem 30 points = 10% OFF your purchase!
Redeem 40 points = 20% OFF your purchase!
There's also a Birthday Bonus! Get 10% off the week of your birthday!

gift card


An excellent choice for birthdays, graduations, or any celebration... Our gift cards can be used at locations across Canada!  They are also rechargeable to add a few dollars every time you shop or sell to us and save up for that fashion emergency. A great way to budget your wardrobe!

We Pay Cash For Your Clothes & Accessories


Ask yourself…WHAT'S HOT IN YOUR WARDROBE? What designer piece can you part with? What can't you live without? or How about...what are you missing??

Our well trained staff is up on all the most current styles and trends therefore you will find a fabulous selection of items at our store.

Keep in mind that accessories can make or break an outfit and are one of the least expensive ways to change a look. If you're on a limited budget, shop for basic gold and silver jewelry that will go with just about anything. Also look for the hottest new accessory of the season to spruce up a dull outfit.

Remember though, if your budget is tight, never buy a trendy piece of clothing just because it's a trend. Stick to garments that can be worn year after year and still retain their appeal. Or, pick a trend that you must have and mix it with trusted classic designs.

Check out the What’s Hot page at platoscloset.com for additional style and trend information.